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Bonus MAX

Bonus MAX

Bonusmax thermal insulation systems

Top insulation; top savings!

Exterior wall insulation is a thermal insulation system dating back many years and the most favored system in many countries. It refers to complete cladding of the exterior surfaces of buildings with thermal insulation panels without a gap. Exterior wall insulation is applied in the following stages: adhering the thermal insulation panels on the exterior surfaces; fixing them with plugs, and plastering and painting the surfaces.

Exterior wall insulation is not hard work and it can be used for years. That is why the customers is recommended to choose a system with meticulous research. The system should endure for years, and should be manufactured with the latest technology. In short, it should be the best system available.

Considered the leader of the exterior surface and insulation products industry in Turkey, ERYAP presents all the materials needed, ranging from thermal insulation panels to adhesive filler, plugs to edge profiles, in one single package.