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FOCUS Membran

FOCUS Membran

Reliable insulation

Water insulation for making buildings hygienic and comfortable. FOCUS MEMBRANE for making water insulation

Approximately 92% of the surface area of Turkey, and 95% of its population, sits on a seismic zone.

The biggest threat to service lives and durability of buildings is water. Penetrating into buildings through rain, snow, moisture in the soil, underground water resources or wet spaces, water corrodes the load-bearing structures of buildings, causing their load-bearing capacity to drop considerably and their concrete structure to be deformed into cracks or breaks.
Concrete acts as a thin film on the structures’ surfaces to protect the steel materials from corrosion. If water penetrates the concrete layer, however, the steel structure will corrode, and it is almost impossible for buildings with corroded structures to withstand an earthquake.

Such negative effects can only be prevented by means of water insulation. The leader in exterior surface covering and insulation materials, ERYAP, presents Focus Membrane to protect your buildings and to make your life comfortable.