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Not content with being a spectator but determined to be an active player, Eryap A.Ş. uses the vast experience it has gained since 1964 in Turkey.

Its top management considered that this company can travel a long way in the medium- and long-term thanks to the presence of considerable opportunities in the insulation industry. Eryap A.Ş. unveiled a factory in 2001 in the city of Gaziantep covering a surface area of 50,000 m² to manufacture its American Siding brand of polymer exterior surface sidings. This was followed almost immediately with its second factory built in Silivri district of Istanbul, covering 50,000 m².

This company began to manufacture the Bonuspan brand of XPS thermal insulation panels in 2005, and the Focus Membrane brand of water insulation products in November 2007. In addition to expanding its production volume, the company added the Bonusmax Thermal Insulation Package and Winer brand of polymer doors and windows to its product range in 2010, and the Focus Shingle brand of roof insulation products in 2011 to achieve a considerable market share in the insulation industry.

ERYAP began to manufacture the WINER brand of polymer door and window systems in 2010, and continues to increase its contribution to the economy.